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New Life Plastic Recycling, Inc. is a post-industrial plastic recycler. We handle a wide variety of plastics. We routinely drop trailers at our customer's facilities. When the trailer is full, we swap it out with another empty one. The material is brought into a recycling facility, weighed, segregated and inventoried until we determine when to process it. A "settlement" report is sent to the customer with the gross and net weights. We take a 75lb tare weight from each box that is located on a pallet. We ask for a 48 hour turn-around when our customers need a pick-up to give us time to prepare for the material coming in.

Our service area includes NC, SC, GA, VA, and eastern Tennessee. On occasion, depending on the type of plastic, we may extend farther out. We typically require a 10,000lb minimum on truck load weights to pick up at your facility. Trucks must be loaded so that we can unload with a forklift. Packaging of material can include 1. Parts in Gaylord boxes 2. Parts stacked and stretch wrapped on wood or plastic pallets 3. Roll-stock stacked and stretch wrapped on pallets. We sell nationally and internationally. Feel free to call or email us regarding your specific needs. We are happy to come to your facility and offer a consultation regarding your recycling needs and will also be able to advise you regarding your other scrap items, including wood pallets, cardboard, metal and so forth.


Industrial & Commercial Plastic Recycling


Purchase & Sell Virgin or Scrap Material


Custom Grinding Services

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